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Honour Boards

glasshouse_hbHonour Boards are produced for many and varying purposes, both in peace and war time, by different organisations.

During the Great War they served the primary purpose of recognizing the many young and not so young folk who answered their country or empire’s call and enlisted, served, paid the ultimate price or were rejected for service.

These memorials usually listed the names of individuals and some even included photographs of the individual digger.

Honour scrolls, memorial gates, memorial halls, memorial Sports Grounds, memorial tree plantings and, in one case, a Soldier’s Memorial Hospital all served to recognise and honour our ANZAC diggers, airmen, seamen and nurses.

After the war small close-knit, parochial and patriotic communities honoured their fallen (and in some cases those who served) by building large memorial structures in prominent positions in the local community ‘hub’. These are the easy memorials to locate. Honour boards and scrolls were hung in prominent positions in the local School of Arts, Community or Memorial halls and these memorials are easier to locate if the hall is still in operation. The difficult ones to find are the small local community organizations’ memorials, eg church, lodge, band, sporting clubs….

The three shires that comprised the (current) Sunshine Coast area all produced large honour boards that commemorated ‘all’ the personnel from that shire. The information for these boards seems to have been gathered by public ‘subscription’ and are by no means a complete record.

This project hopes to record for posterity all the known WW1 memorials of the Sunshine Coast region, identify the individuals named on those memorials, correct the errors and to try to locate the ones that we find reference to through our research.

Please continue to come back to this page as it will be an ongoing project to update the information, and if you know of the location of a Sunshine Coast memorial please contact us.

See images of our honour boards and other memorials on our photo gallery. Click link below.